Hi! I am a 1st year Multi-Media student at Vega Brand Communications School in Cape Town. We are required to set up a blog and write about an aspect in the field of multi-media that interests us. I have a growing love for animation and aim to use this blog to broaden my knowledge of the field. I hope that, if you love animation, you might learn a thing or two as well, or just be reminded of how beautiful it is. ^_^


8 Responses to About

  1. Kim Noack says:

    You done well Nikki, the blog looks great

  2. Nicky Albertyn says:

    Hey Nix

    This is FABULOUS! Keep me posted.


  3. William Henry Botha says:

    Nikki, your Blog changed my life.

    Thankyou for that.

  4. Nicky Albertyn says:

    Hey Nikki – when we going to see new info – can’t wait!

  5. Bronnie says:

    bje oulik!! cuprat cuties xx

  6. Indo.fo.sho says:

    please explain the 3 nikki albertons?

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